Keeping grout clean forever

Everyone knows that a properly maintained stone or tile surface can last and look beautiful for a lifetime. Unfortunately, most people find it difficult to properly maintain these surfaces especially when it comes to properly sealing natural surfaces such as natural stone and grout. Since these surfaces are porous and can take in water and dirt, they get dull over the years as foot traffic often does to any surface. Floor Cleaning Company recommended that not only should you seal the grout as soon as it installed; you should apply sealant every six months to 12 months in order to maintain the bright surface.

Since many people don’t apply this regimen, the grout often becomes dirty, stained, and discoloured by mildewed. In these situations, it is best to completely clean and seal the grout or even change the colour. If you have this problem and would like a free demo please feel free to contract a professional and there’s no better solution than

Our expert floor cleaning services are ideal for any surface but our grout cleaning and colour sealing service is quite exceptional. Simply choose from the many colors we have to offer and watch us make magic out of what was once a dingy looking grout surface. Once we have changed the grout color, we will properly seal the surface allowing it to look its best again for years to come. Since the area will now be properly sealed, the once porous surface will be transformed into a surface that will repel dirt, water, and stains.

So, do away with spending days trying to clean or remove the dirty grout and have a quality professional service performed by

See how we have changed the look of previous client walls and floors and the product in action.

A before picture of a shower wall
Black tiled wall before

An after picture of a shower wall colour sealed and polished
Black tiled wall after

A Before floor
Black tile floor before

After the clean the floor has now highlighted a replacement tile
Black tile floor before with replacement tile

All colour sealed and polished
Black tile floor after