Black tiled wall before cleaning Black tiled wall after cleaning

Grout is an absorbent material and over time becomes soiled and dirty often discolouring and looking patchy. This applies to the floor and bathroom rooms; it becomes an issue for many when mould and mildew attack especially in wet areas such as the shower.

On floors its change of colour can change the character of a room. This can be seen when light grouts and tiles are used. Initially both the grout and the tiles are white. As grout becomes dirty and in some cases black the tiles become “picture framed” by the grout which means that the eye inevitable gets drawn to the dirty grout line.

Your bathroom grout will absorb any moisture which may contain body fats or shampoos and conditioners. Over time the grout will go yellow or pink and look very unsightly. Your floor may look worse as the grout will absorb the dirt from the mopping and cleaning you perform. Unfortunately, the grout will become the ideal place for gems and bacteria to breed over time as the grout blackens.

Why colour seal

The product is a pancake batter like consistency with a concrete hardener that activates when it comes into contact with ingredients of grout.

Once applied it looks and feels like grout BUT, unlike grout it is completely impervious.
It comes in a range of 14 colours. Though not an exhaustive list they are the 14 most commonly used colours and in most cases fit the requirements.

Benefits to colour sealing
• It creates clean and sanitary grout lines
• Creates consistent grout colour for better appearance
• Stain resistant from mildew and discolouration
• It reduces cleaning
• Eliminates the need for harsh chemicals such as bleach
• It is a long lasting, giving many years of protection if looked after correctly
• The colour of the grout can be changed without replacing the grout or ripping out the tiles
• Prevents the ingress of urine into the grout lines, therefore preventing the build-up of unpleasant odours.
• No need to replace that expensive tiled floor

It is generally applied to old tiles and grout or where the colour of the grout has become an issue. Its greatest potential, however, is where the grout is newly installed.

Why let you grout become a problem and protect it whilst it is clean and new, providing many years of trouble free grout.

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